Brian is originally from the Boot Heel of Missouri (the southeast corner, in case you’re not well versed in the geography of the Show-Me State), and did his undergraduate degree in agriculture at Murray State University. After college, he outkicked his coverage (big time) by convincing his long-time sweetheart, Erika, to marry him. After working for the University of Missouri for a time in irrigation research, Brian was accepted into graduate school at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. After graduating with his MDiv. in 2004, the Hensons relocated to Collierville, Tennessee, where Brian served as Associate Minister at St. Patrick Presbyterian Church (EPC) for the next decade. They moved to Cedar Park in August of 2014 to plant St. Patrick Church.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys grilling and smoking meat, reading, sports, exercising and being outdoors with his family. Want to find out more about how the Hensons ended up in Cedar Park? Click here for a podcast interview on the Hurdie Burk Radio Network.