What We’re About

When Brian Henson and his family moved to Cedar Park from the Memphis area in August of 2014, they didn’t come with the goal of planting the “perfect” church, or “the Next Big Thing” (after all, there are other GREAT churches in this area), but instead to partner with the Acts 29 Church Planting Network in being part of the gospel movement underway in almost every part of the Austin Metro area.
That said, St. Patrick (like every other church) has a set of convictions, core values, and emphases—as well as an overall “feel” that make it distinctive. In terms of beliefs and teaching, we joyfully affirm historic Christian orthodoxy, [link to statement of faith] which the vast majority of churches have affirmed throughout the centuries. This framework both informs, and provides the foundation for, our primary core value: the gospel changes everything. When lived out in community, and in the normal rhythms of life, the Holy Spirit will use the good news that Jesus died for sinners to transform people and places like nothing else can. Out of this conviction flows five other Core Values:

The Gospel is Relational The gospel is about relationships. First and foremost, it brings us into relationship with God—we become part of his family, his people. Likewise, the gospel places us into a family of other followers of Jesus, both locally and around the world, both now and throughout history. 

The Gospel is Compelling By its very nature, the message of the gospel creates followers of Jesus who are eager to help others follow him as well. 

The Gospel is Local The gospel isn’t just a collection of facts; it compels us to act right here, right now. God has called and equipped us to live out and share the gospel where he has placed us—in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and activities. The gospel isn’t simply about creating great churches, but great towns as well. 

The Gospel is Sending  We will help plant churches and participate in other mission endeavors in the Austin metro area, across Texas, throughout the United States, and around the world. 

The Gospel is Captivating The more we trust and follow Jesus, the more our hearts are moved to worship, both corporately and in every area of life.

Our convictions run deep, and our goals our lofty, but the gospel tells us—and our experience bears out—that we are works in progress, both corporately and individually. We’re ordinary people learning to trust and follow our extraordinary Savior. And that makes for an encouraging, joyful, down-to-earth-yet-worshipful atmosphere. Sound good?