Boots and Jeans

What are Services Like?

Worship at St. Patrick is what you might refer to as front porch liturgical. What does that mean? Well, the “front porch” part means our services are friendly, warm, and engaging, and relatable. “Liturgical” is simply an old word that means “the work of the people.” In other words, everyone—not just whoever is “up front”—has the same playbook, and the opportunity to participate in the service through song, through reading Scripture together, and through reciting prayers and professions of faith. Whether you actively participate or simply sit back and observe, you’ll learn more about what Christians believe and why we believe it. Our services are normally about 75 minutes, and contain singing, praying, preaching, and communion (the Lord’s Supper). Wear whatever you’re comfortable in—from jeans and boots to shorts and flip flops.


St. Patrick Kids

At St. Patrick, kids are a big deal. Our goal is that they would hear the good news of Jesus just as clearly and winsomely as anyone else, and this takes different forms, depending upon age. Nursery for infants and toddlers, as well as classes for kids ages 3-6, are available throughout the service. During this time, they will play games, develop friendships, and hear God’s Word presented in an age-appropriate fashion. For kids 7 and up, it is our honor to have them participate in the entire worship service, complete with listening guides to help them understand and apply what they are hearing. 


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