Connect With St. Patrick

Small Groups

Church can be like a vaccine; it can give you just enough community to keep you from “catching” the real thing! In our culture, where folks are running in a hundred directions at a thousand miles an hour, developing deep relationships can be extremely difficult—if not impossible.
In the same way, following Jesus will prove too difficult if we try to do it alone, and for good reason: God didn’t set it up that way! Christianity certainly has to do with us as individuals, but never with us living isolated from one another—it’s about God saving us into a family!
To help us follow Jesus and foster the relationships we all need, we gather in small groups during the week to develop friendships, pray with and for each other, and study God’s Word. If you would like a group leader to contact you with details, click here.

What is Breeze?

Breeze is a web-based program that allows St. Patrick to keep in better contact with folks in our congregation. If you have a Breeze profile and need to update your contact information, please click here. If you are a regular attender at St. Patrick and don’t have a Breeze profile but would like one, click here, and put “Breeze Profile” in the subject line.