Who We Are

How St. Patrick Began

In 2014, Brian and Erika Henson moved to Cedar Park from the Memphis area in order to plant St. Patrick with the Acts 29 Network. The Henson’s wanted to establish a solid church that shared Jesus and gave people a place to feel safe, yet challenged, to question and to believe.

After making Cedar Park home, the Hensons began hosting a Bible study in late 2015. Eighteen months later, St. Patrick began corporate worship and publicly launched in January of 2018. St. Patrick has held its services in a number of locations, but eventually found its current home at the High Hopes Sports and After School facility in north Cedar Park.

Pastor Brian, Erica and Son

Why are we named “St. Patrick”?

Christians know that we are part of a much larger story that God is telling—a story told over countless generations, among untold people groups in thousands of languages. So, it’s no surprise that churches have historically found inspiration and encouragement in taking the names of fellow believers who went before them.

St. Patrick is so named because we take many of our cues from Patrick’s ministry in Ireland roughly sixteen hundred years ago. Having been kidnapped into slavery in Ireland and living there for several years, he knew the culture, language, and customs of the Irish people, which made him ideally suited to be a messenger of the gospel—the good news that Jesus lived, died, and rose again for people like us. He committed himself to serving his Irish neighbors, spreading the gospel, and teaching the truths of classical Christian orthodoxy to a people many in the Church declared “unreachable.” The result? God used Patrick and his friends to start nearly 800 churches in Ireland in only a few years.

In the same way, we are a church rooted in this area, for this area. We are a group of friends who long to follow Jesus and point others to him in clear, compelling ways. We want to bless our communities, neighborhoods, social circles, and workplaces so that the power of the gospel changes every part of the world around us. After all, the good news isn’t just about creating great churches, but great towns as well! And, like Patrick, we are part of a church planting movement that establishes gospel-centered communities throughout our area, our nation, and the world.

What We Believe

St. Patrick is a candidate church of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, a family of churches planting gospel-centered congregations around the globe. We joyfully embrace historic Christian orthodoxy, which the vast majority of churches have affirmed throughout the centuries. In turn, this framework provides the foundation for our Core Values:

  • Gospel Transformation. The Holy Spirit uses the gospel–the good news that Jesus died and rose for sinners–to change people and places like nothing else can.
  • Gospel Community. Through trust in Jesus, God welcomes us into a family of imperfect people who live, love, laugh, cry and make much of Him together.
  • Gospel Presence. God has called and equipped us to share and live out our faith right where we are–in our neighborhoods and workplaces. The gospel isn’t merely about creating great churches, but great towns as well.
  • Gospel Ambition. Because the gospel creates followers of Jesus who are eager to help others follow him as well, we are committed to planting churches, both locally and around the world.
  • Gospel Passion. The goal of the gospel is that God would be worshiped, celebrated, and enjoyed by people like us, and as we trust and follow Jesus, the more we are moved to make him famous in every area of life.