On the Road to Visit the King

Text: Matthew 2:1-18 What would compel a group of Middle Eastern (likely Iraqi) astrologers to travel hundreds of miles to visit a newborn Jewish baby? We’ll answer that question--and others--as we follow the story of the Wise Men on the road to visit the King.

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Rescue Songs – An Unshakable Hope

Text: Matthew 1:18-25; Hebrews 11:1 We are hope-driven creatures. We all hang our prospects for success, for joy, for peace, upon something or someone. According to Scripture, there is only one place--one Person--to look for a hope that won’t let us down. Join us as we begin our Advent series, Rescue Songs, where we allow [...]

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Sent: Blessed to be a Blessing

Text: Genesis 12:1-4; Matthew 5:13-16 God’s people were never called to be “sponges”--those who receive his blessings and just soak them up, with no further purpose. Instead, we have been called to be conduits of blessing. As we receive them, we not only taste their benefits, but pass them along to our friends and neighbors [...]

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Prayer Boot Camp: If Prayer is So Important, Why is It So Hard? (Part 1)

Text: Romans 8:26; Matthew 27:45-46; Luke 11:1-4 Prayer is vital, but prayer is also hard. Really hard. What are the things that keep us from praying as we should? How can we overcome--or at least mitigate--those difficulties? In this message we look at Content Difficulty, and how to respond to it.

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Prayer Boot Camp: If God Already Knows, Why Pray?

Text: Daniel 10:10-14; Matthew 6:7-13; Revelation 5:6-8 The Bible teaches that God is sovereign, totally in control of every detail in the universe. It also teaches that he has a plan to rescue sinful people like us that is being executed perfectly at every level. The Bible also teaches that God wants us to pray, [...]

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The Lord’s Prayer – Debts, Temptation, and Evil

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 The last of our series on the Lord’s Prayer, in this message we discuss the continual need for rescue people have--and that only God can provide. Listen along to find out more about what sin and forgiveness are, what “lead us not into temptation” means, and how we are rescued from the [...]

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The Lord’s Prayer – Our Daily Bread

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 Is is wrong to ask for things when we pray? Does God care about our physical needs? Are the things he provides for us ends in themselves, or do they take us somewhere even greater?

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The Lord’s Prayer – Your Kingdom Come

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 We’re all expert “kingdom builders.” The only problem? We’re typically trying to build kingdoms of one--ours. And when we do, things inevitably go haywire. But what if God is inviting us into something much bigger--and much better--than our stifling little empires?

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The Lord’s Prayer – Our Father in Heaven

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 How would your life change if you really believed that you had a Father in heaven who loves you and is working for your good? Is that the kind of God you’d want to trust, to honor, to make much of? Listen along to find out more!

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The Lord’s Prayer – Why We Need the Lord’s Prayer

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 If you could ask Jesus to teach you just one thing explicitly-- “Will you teach me how to…”--what would it be? The disciples had that very opportunity. And they asked him to teach them to pray. So, if you’re confused about how to get started in prayer, you’re in good company! And [...]

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