Jonah: A Severe Mercy

Text: Jonah 1:4-17 The words “severe” and “mercy” don’t seem to go together. But if you read the Bible, you find that many of the greatest things people does in the lives of his people [...]

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Jonah: A Prophet Who Looks a Whole Lot Like Us

Text: Jonah 1:1-3 In this sermon, we get an introductory look at the prophet Jonah--a guy who looks eerily like us in a lot of ways we’re probably not proud of. We talk both about [...]

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The Songs of Christmas – Simeon’s Song

Text: Luke 2:22-35 The story of Christmas is the story of expectancy. The expectation that God would one day rescue his people. The expectation that he’ll one day make all the sad things come untrue. [...]

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The Songs of Christmas – The Angels’ Song

Text: Luke 2:8-14 If you’ve ever seen a Christmas card--or watched A Charlie Brown Christmas--chances are you’re familiar with the song the angels sang announcing the birth of the Messiah to an audience of shepherds. [...]

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The Songs of Christmas – Zechariah’s Song

Luke 1:57-79 In this sermon, we learn about the song Zechariah--John the Baptist’s dad--sang after the birth of his boy. A song, surprisingly, not about his son! What could make a new dad shift focus [...]

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The Lord’s Prayer – Debts, Temptation, and Evil

Text: Matthew 6:5-15 The last of our series on the Lord’s Prayer, in this message we discuss the continual need for rescue people have--and that only God can provide. Listen along to find out more [...]

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