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Jonah: What is Repentance All About?

Text: Jonah: 3:1-10 Repentance. That word--and it’s verbal form, repent--is all over the Bible. But what does it mean? And what does it look like in actual practice? That’s what we discuss in our look at in the fourth week of our series Jonah: Big Fish, Bigger God.

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Jonah: Backed into a Corner

Text: Jonah 2:1-10 What do you do when you have nowhere else to go? What will you hang your hopes upon? What will dictate your mindset (and, in turn, your actions) moving forward? God put Jonah in a spot where he had nowhere to look but up. And the truth he re-discovered was the same [...]

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Jonah: A Severe Mercy

Text: Jonah 1:4-17 The words “severe” and “mercy” don’t seem to go together. But if you read the Bible, you find that many of the greatest things people does in the lives of his people are also the hardest. That was definitely the case for Jonah, as we’ll discover in this sermon

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Jonah: A Prophet Who Looks a Whole Lot Like Us

Text: Jonah 1:1-3 In this sermon, we get an introductory look at the prophet Jonah--a guy who looks eerily like us in a lot of ways we’re probably not proud of. We talk both about who Jonah was and what he did, but more importantly, we discuss what we can learn about God’s character in [...]

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