Sixteen hundred years ago, a young slave escaped his captors and returned to his homeland. Decades later, he would return to the land of his captivity—this time not as a slave, but as a messenger, announcing the good news that had captivated his heart: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus for sinners—slaves and slave owners alike. Armed with nothing more than this message and a handful of friends, the man we now know as St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, transforming a nation, and in turn, much of  Western history. In the same way, St. Patrick Church is a group of friends seeking to believe, share, and demonstrate this timeless good news so that the Cedar Park area would be transformed by the power of the gospel. In short, we exist for God’s fame, and our joy.

What We’re About

St. Patrick (like every other church) has a set of convictions, emphases, core values, and partnerships that make it distinctive. In terms of partnerships, St. Patrick is a candidate church of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network, a family of churches planting gospel-centered congregations around the globe. In terms of beliefs and teaching, we joyfully affirm historic Christian orthodoxy, which the vast majority of churches have affirmed throughout the centuries. In turn, this framework informs, and helps provide the foundation for, our Core Values:

  • Gospel Transformation. The Holy Spirit uses the gospel–the good news that Jesus died and rose for sinners–to change people and places like nothing else can.
  • Gospel Community. Through trust in Jesus, God welcomes us into a family of imperfect people who live, love, laugh, cry and make much of Him together.
  • Gospel Presence. God has called and equipped us to share and live out our faith right where we are–in our neighborhoods and workplaces. The gospel isn’t merely about creating great churches, but great towns.
  • Gospel Ambition. Because the gospel creates followers of Jesus who are eager to help others follow him as well, we are committed to planting churches, both locally and around the world.
  • Gospel Passion. The goal of the gospel is that God would be worshiped, celebrated, and enjoyed by people like us, and as we trust and follow Jesus, the more we are moved to make him famous in every area of life. Sound good? Find out more about St. Patrick–the church and the man!–by clicking here.

What’s Next

St. Patrick meets for worship and fellowship at 10 am on Sundays at Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park (601 East Whitestone Blvd., Suite 500). As of September 2nd, we will be relocating Deer Creek Elementary School in Cedar Park (2420 Zeppelin Dr.). Our grand opening for that location will be September 16th. If you would like more information on our church, vision, or beliefs, contact us at